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FTI offers a wide variety of courses to help you complete your training and get you on the fast track to your career.

FTI Courses


This 5-hour class has an emphasis in life saving skills. After completing a written exam and demonstrating skills knowledge, the student will receive a 2-year certification in First Aid and a 1-year certification in CPR/AED.


Aerial Lifts
This 5-hours class familiarizes a trainee with the knowledge and skills needed to safely operate a variety of lifts including scissors and telescoping.  Trainees participate in extensive step-by-step hands-on training.  In addition, comprehensive classroom will be presented. After passing an exam, operators will receive a 3-year certification.


Ames Tools Certification (Drywall Only)
This class is designed for Drywall Finishers that know how to efficiently run tools and want to get certified. It involves on-line e-learning courses along with hands-on demonstration where you will run the Bazooka/Boxes and Corner tools plus change the bazooka cable and box blades and properly clean each piece of equipment.


Arena Rigging Basics Class
Session will allow individuals to get a feel for what entertainment rigging (specifically arena rigging) is all about. This hands-on session will add to the classroom and practical training given in our previously held “Arena Rigging Basics” course yet is suitable for an individual’s first exposure in this area.  This is a good intro for those interested in looking into obtaining additional instruction to get ETCP certification.


Blue Print Reading
This 8-hour class will cover types of lines, symbols, use of scales, dimensions, floor plans, and room finish schedules.


This is SSPC’s Lead supervisor class for steel structures. During this 40-hour class you will learn about containment, airflow, lead hazards, and legal requirements of a lead supervisor. A prerequisite for this class is the 24-hour lead worker class.


This class is an SSPC certification of blasting and painting of an ASTM Panel to spec. Participants will be asked to know and understand the inspection tools used for both air quality and paint coating thicknesses. There will be a prep class at the beginning and the last 3 days will be all testing through a SSPC certified inspector.


Confined Space
This 16-hour course covers the OSHA requirements for working in a confined space area. It goes over the responsibility of each person involved in the work and will demonstrate the proper PPE to wear in individual circumstances.


Convention Worker B to A to J Upgrade Training
This is required upgrade training for trade-show workers planning advancement from “B” to “A worker” or from “A worker” to Journeyman.


Fall Protection
This 4-hour course will cover the basics of Fall Protection and what is required by OSHA to meet the requirements. You also can try a self-rescue exercise on the training floor.


This 4-hour class will feature classroom and hands-on training to qualify the operator.  After passing an exam, operators will receive a 3-year certification. Lull – Additional 1-hour course for 3-year lull certification.


Graco Spray Class
This class is designed to give the participant the opportunity to see and experience the repair and operation of a pump, spray gun and electrical system for most major brands of spray equipment that we use in the field today. Graco has provided training to our staff to give the membership the ability to troubleshoot and possibly repair the equipment on site.


Healthy Living
This class will give the student the opportunity to see some options for better lifestyle choices and how to implement them. There will be a blood draw and a questionnaire to help establish a base line of where the participant is starting from.


Health Hazards
Attendees will learn how to recognize, prevent, and respond to possible exposure to these hazards.


ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment)
This class will give the participant the opportunity to work in hospital settings that require all construction workers to carry an ICRA 8-hour awareness card. It will cover what the worker should be concerned about in these areas and how to protect yourself and the concerns for the patient’s health as we are working around them.


Lead Worker
This 24-hour course covers all the State of Minnesota regulations for residential lead abatement practices.  It also covers the industrial regulations as recommended by the FTI for workers on industrial projects. Completion of this course allows you to apply to the State for licensure in lead worker abatement.


Low Voltage A & B
This class specifically designed for those who currently hold a PLT License.  As a PLT License holder, you are required to complete 16-hours of continuing education to maintain your license.  This class A will fulfill one half of the 16-hours.  Class B will be added to complete the second 8-hours of the 16-hours required.  Make sure you get into a Class A and Class B before your license expires.  The class will cover the National Electrical Code’s that apply to the Low Voltage and Limited Energy Systems.

You must bring your PLT License with you.


This is a 24-hour class for the initial training and you will need to take an 8-hour refresher class annually. Course will talk about the fundamental risks associated in above ground mining work and will give you the training you will need to be able to work safely in this environment.


NCCCO Signal Person
This certification covers hand, voice and radio signals between the signalperson and crane operator. It is a 5-year certification. More job sites through architectural specifications are requiring certification by the NCCCO versus the “qualification” that our Rigging and Signaling course provides now. This is both a written and practical “hands-on” examination. Applications for this course must be turned in to the FTI-UM for the NCCCO at least 6 weeks in advance.


This class provides the trainee with the basics of Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in construction standards.  The course objective is protecting the worker and covers ten different subparts of the OSHA Standards including; Introduction to OSHA, Electrical, Fall Protection, Stairways and Ladders, Scaffold Safety, Tool Safety, Personal Protection Equipment, Hazard Communication, Materials Handling and Ergonomics.

Must attend all 10-hours to receive certificate.


This 8-Night class is a comprehensive safety program for anyone involved in the construction industry.  Specifically designed for safety directors, foremen, and supervisors; the program provides complete information on OSHA compliance issues. In addition to learning about safety and health hazards in the workplace, students will also learn about Employer Responsibilities and Worker Rights along with Hazard Recognition, Avoidance, Abatement, and Prevention.

Must attend all 8-classes to receive completion card.


OSHA Construction Industry
This 4-hour class is topics needed to complete OSHA-30.


Pro-10 Certification
This is a professional skill training class that goes beyond technical training. A few of the topics covered are; Professionalism, Safety, Communications, Mutual Respect and Changing Perceptions. You will receive the Pro-10 Certification card upon completion. Some job sites require you to have this card to work on that site, just like OSHA-10 is required.


Respirator/Haz Comm
This class will cover the variety of respirators that are available and how to determine which one is appropriate for your job surroundings. It will also cover the new Haz Comm Standard that is effective on December 1, 2013.


Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP)
This 8-hour class will teach you how to comply with EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule and the HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule, and how to perform lead-safe work practices safely and effectively. Upon completion of this course, you will be an EPA Certified Renovator.


Rigging & Signal Person for Cranes
Upon successful completion, the trainee will be able to pass a written exam demonstrating comprehension of the basic selection, inspection, and safe use of the signal and basic rigging materials when attaching loads for the overhead hoisting equipment.


This course will focus on using scaffolding safely while observing all safety rules and regulations to prevent serious fatal injuries. The training will include a variety of scaffold types including rolling tower, double deck baker scaffold with handrail, and outrigger system. Course will provide a trainee with a thorough understanding of the building and dismantling of scaffold systems with hands-on experience combined with classroom instruction.


Silica Class
The Silica class is a 4-hour training that covers the dangers of working around silica dust and the protection a worker should take if they must work in that environment. The course will walk through how to identify the PPE needed to work in these areas and how to reduce the risk to the workers in the area. It also talks about when to wear respiratory protection and what protection would be adequate.


Spray Paint Systems
Classroom and hands on training for airless, air assisted airless and conventional sprayers. Demonstration of use, care and maintenance.


Supervisor Training Program (STP)
This program is designed to strengthen the abilities of project supervisors at all levels. It is appropriate for newer supervisors/foremen to broaden their understanding of the responsibilities of their job and to provide tools and techniques to better fulfill those responsibilities. It is appropriate for experienced supervisors to update their understanding of supervision, to strengthen their skills in traditional areas, and to develop new skills in emerging areas. The program is designed for considerable interaction among Students, encouraging them to learn from one another. It provides ample opportunities for large and small group interactions, as well as practice of skills important to the supervisors. The course is open to all field supervisors, foremen and those who anticipate fulfilling these roles in the near future. Management representatives of the employer is encouraged to attend the course along with their sponsored employees. Companies are asked to invest two (2) days of pay into their attendees.


Total Stations (Glaziers Only)
Curtainwall / Total positioning systems fundamentals.


Basic wallcovering techniques including preparation and application of type 1 through 3 vinyls and basic fabric application.


Welding Refresher/Certification
This course is designed for those who would like to prepare for a welding certification. This course will also focus on an AWS D1.1 Certification.  All welding performed in the vertical and overhead positions with E7018 1/8” rod. The welding will be on 5/16” and 3/8 mild steel plate.

Pre-requisite to attend the Certification class, you must have completed the Refresher course.

Must attend all 24 hours to get STAR credit.


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